"Chains" Chapter 3 comic strip timeline
Updated: 4/16/2020
"Chains" Chapter 3 comic strip timeline

Storyboard Text

  • TQ on page 13. "What to take?"
  • Gather your shoes and blankets,but nothing else because nothing belongs to you.
  • I'm going to the privy
  • Isabel took the seeds her mom never got to plant against what her master said
  • Jenny took Isabel and Ruth to the back and gave them food as she described how she knew their mom.
  • You could buy us.
  • I'm sorry I can't buy you.
  • Bring out the girls.
  • That one can help Becky and the other one can be an amusement for the parlor..
  • Go back to your kitchen.Mr. Robert we'll pay double for the girls in cash.
  • I'll take the girls, but it will take a few days to get the money.
  • Sold!
  • Bring them to Hartshorn
  • Good now leave us.
  • "The thudding sound they made as they fell to the bottom reminded me of clods of dirt raining down on a fresh coffin." pg. 23
  • I can not afford that.
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