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Updated: 1/16/2020
Social Studies project
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  • 1870's to 1890'sThe Bourbon Triumvirate were a group of three white supremacists that were also confederate war veterans. They rotated power for 20 years and worked in favor of rich white land owners. They also supported the convict lease system, a system where blacks that were arrested would work on farms instead of going to jail.
  • 1880Henry Grady begins work as a journalist and starts his career as one of Georgia's most respected journalists. He starts calling post war Georgia the "new south", and constantly promotes industrialization and modernization. He brings 3 World cotton expositions to Georgia, all aiming to bring northern investments and recognition to Georgia.
  • 1890'sLawmakers in the south and all over the country start chipping away at progress made by blacks, and start slowly taking away their rights with jim crow laws and laws like "seperate but equal", which seperated everything for whites and blacks.
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