Simplifying expressions!

Updated: 6/29/2020
Simplifying expressions!

Storyboard Text

  • Yara, so I'm supposed to make a project on simplifying equations and I'm lost.
  • How and why would y- okay, I'll help you.
  • Well, simplifying an expression is just bringing an expression to it's simplest form.
  • So, how much do already know about simplifying equations?
  • That's way too vague, so I'll test you. Simplify 8x-2y+13x+9y.
  • Wait...THATS what I'd be dealing with? Can you break this down?
  • Oh..basically, you have to work on combining like terms, like combine the x's and the y's. Then, you take their final products and put them as an equation.
  • basically..for the x's; 8x+13x which is 21x and for the y's; -2y+9y which would be 7y?!
  • Goodluck and it was fun helping you!
  • Thank you so much!! I can actually do well on the project!!
  • Yay!