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Multiple Intelligence Assignment
Updated: 2/23/2020
Multiple Intelligence Assignment
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  • Logical - Mathematical
  • Mathematical - Logical In everyday life on daily basic, I use this intelligence at school through working through problems by strategize to find a fair answer or even at home when working on assignments or task that require me to use some common logical in order to find answers.
  • y x 7 + 10= 59
  • I can demonstrate this intelligence, throughout my work such as in you always need to show your work with use different formulas and strategies in order to find the answer.
  • Musical - Rythmic
  • Musical - Rhythmic In everyday life I use this skill on daily basic in school, when trying to remember something I study by making a rhythm/song order to remember as that what works for me in order for m,e to remember important things need for a test or even remember something important.
  • I can demonstrate this intelligence, in school in music course through remembering patterns and rhythms to songs in the course or even at home as I tend to enjoy singing or even write song based on my feeling
  • Visual - Spatial
  • Visual - Spatial in everyday life I use this skills on daily basic in school, when learning through visual. For example, when learning math fractions when teacher did example of how to divide fraction I understand better when they was a visual of how to do it instead of just saying how.
  • I can demonstrate this intelligence in school when make presentation with providing visuals or even when i'm at home drawing in my sketchbook.
  • Mathematical/ Logical learners, are learners that learn the best when learning through using logic, abstractions, numbers, critical thinking and reasoning. As well these learners have combinations of ability to carry out the able mathematical operations, and investigate issues scientifically. Honestly, I wasn’t really shocked by this being one of my greatest intelligence because I tend to think more logically and I am able to strategize and calculate throughout difficult situations that I face.
  • Musical/ Rhythmic learner, are learners that learns best when learning performance, composition or even musical patterns. These learners have the ability to recognize and create musical pitches, tones,and rhythms. Honestly, It didn't really surprised me of being musical / rhythmic one of my greatest intelligence because I know myself and knowing I'm very music influenced as I see as one of the ways I choose to express myself throughout most of my life and how I always been able to recognize songs by the tone and rhythm of the songs.
  • Visual / spatial learners, are learners that learns the best when through visualization and spatial judgement. As well these learners have the ability to visualize with your own mind's eyes and is able to expertly use areas of ether confined or wide space in order to make something amazing. I wasn't really shocked by having visual / spatial as one of my greatest intelligence because I know I this skill quite often in school and even at home on my own time as I use it as way to express myself.
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