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Son 2
Updated: 4/18/2020
Son 2
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  • The boy ran away!!!We must build a raft to follow him
  • We might need it
  • Why are taking the AXE with you?
  • cant you see what your son wants to tell you
  • The next morning pale has disappeared with the basket full of Vasudeva & Siddartha's money along with the boat !! Siddhartha wanted to build a new raft to follow his son because he was afraid of how could he possibly go through the forest alone, but Vasudeva wanted to get the boat back.
  • The ferrymen built up a raft from bamboo and tied the canes with ropes of grass. They crossed the river. Vasudeva took the axe with him because they though out of the boy's anger he could break the oar down.
  • Lets Go Home
  • Siddartha insisted on searching for his son in the forest, but after a long time has passed he realized that his searching is useless and he can't save him anymore
  • Till he reached the end of the forest, he saw a garden that reminded him of the first time he saw Kamala, He stood there remembering her between the trees, monkeys, and she also served him food and water until he reached their first kiss. He remembered everything even Kamaswami
  • He suddenly realizes that he needs to let his son go. He knows that there is no amount of reasoning that could possibly persuade him to want to stay. Siddhartha is so exhausted that he collapses to the ground. Vasudeva has secretly followed him and sees this. He wakes Siddhartha up
  • Both Ferrymen returned to their hut and no one spoke of anything anymore.
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