christmas carol h.w 1
Updated: 2/7/2020
christmas carol h.w 1

Storyboard Text

  • when did he die
  • ha ha ha
  • what about his money
  • God knows
  • No,i don't know much ,i only know he is dead
  • He hasen't left it to me
  • Yes,why not there was no one with him.There is a expensive shirt too he won't need it were he is going
  • He never gave me anything for what I did.I wanted to take more but the housekeeper took them before me
  • what's in here,his bed-curtains and blankets!Did you take them while he was in bed?
  • How terrible not a man,woman or child to say he was kind to them in life and to remember him with love . Spirit what a horrible place take me to a knew scene can we go
  • Oh no! listen spirit I've changed I won't be the same man,I will celebrate christmas with my heart every day of the year .Tell me if I change the things you have shown me will be deifferent.Tell me there is hope!
  • My littel child!My littel boy!
  • I meet Mr Scrooge's nephew in the street,I told him why I was sad he said he was very sorry and wanted to help us by finding a job for Peter
  • Never father!
  • Yes,children when you all leave in a few years you won't forget Tiny Tim will you
  • He's a very good man