Cyberbullying Comic Stripe
Updated: 5/7/2020
Cyberbullying Comic Stripe

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  • During recess, Maxine and Candice target Leila and plan to cyberbully her
  • User: Anonymous6575!#Leila so called "popular girl", you're such a jerk! I hate everything about you!
  • I'm so jealous that Leila's the "popular girl". She's such a loser! If we say mean things about her, she won't be anymore...
  • Maxine
  • Candice
  • Yeah, we'll be the popular girls! We should post it on instagram too.
  • During Lunch, Leila receives mean messages from Candice and Maxine
  • What's going on! Why is Maxine and Candice sending all these mean comments?! I need to tell someone I can trust.
  • Leila
  • User: MaxandCandy6575!#Leila you're such a jerk! I hate everything about you! You're so ugly! I would throw up just seeing you
  • After school, Leila went to the principal's office to tell him about her being cyber-bullied
  • I am very sorry. But don't worry will face consequences if they don't apologise but try confronting them first. But I will help you deal with this.
  • User: Max&Candy6575!#Leila you're such a jerk! I hate everything about you! You're so ugly! I would throw up just seeing you
  • Are you alright, Leila? Is there anything I can do for you ?
  • Mr Daniels, Maxine and Candice has been sending mean messages to me and I don't know what to do about it.
  • The next day, before school started, Leila confronts the cyberbullies
  • We're not going to apologise if we don't think we need to
  • Why though? I'm confused...
  • What you did to me was mean and wasn't right
  • After school, Maxine and Candice were sent to the principal's office for confrontation.
  • I definitely don't wouldn't want anyone to do this to me. Now I understand why need to apologise.
  • Would you like someone to do something like that to you ?
  • Girls, what you have done to Leila is completely unacceptable. Our school will not tolerate this. If you refuse to apologise, I'm afraid that I will have to suspend you from school for three weeks.
  • What have I done? I did actually something really terrible. I need to say sorry.
  • The next day, after school, Maxine and Candicedecided to apologise to Leila
  • We sent mean mean messages because we were jealous of how you were so popular. We also posted the messages on instagram. so everyone could see it. We didn't think about how you would feel before. We're truly sorry.
  • Thank you for apologising to me. I will forgive you . But always remember to thinkbefore you send or post anything.
  • We're so sorry for not understanding why to apologise in the first place. Now we truly do. Please, would you forgive us?
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