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Updated: 2/2/2021
Math storyboard

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  • Who text me? Oh, It's Emily!!! Let me see what she said.
  • Ding ding!
  • Emily <3
  • But I am stuck in 2 math questions, could u help me out?
  • Factorize 4x+2xy.Expand 3x (3y+2).Thank you so much,I know you are good at math!
  • Hi Eric! Sorry for disturbing you.
  • Hmm...I must teach her,then she'll think that I am smart!
  • Emily <3
  • So in your question, the common factor is 2x. Then you need to divide (4x+2xy) by the common factor 2x. Put the answer 2+y into brackets, the common factor 2x, out of the bracket. And you will get the answer, 2x (2+y).
  • Factorize means taking out common factors and make the formula simple.
  • Emily <3
  • I think expansion is much more easier than factorization. In your question, you just need to multiply 3x by (3y+2), the you will get the answer, 9xy+6x.
  • Expand is when we multiply to remove the brackets.
  • Emily <3
  • Ohh! I understand now, that you so much!!!
  • No thanks!
  • o(*////▽////*)q