Chapter 5
Updated: 2/7/2020
Chapter 5

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  • Ghost of Future, I'm very frightened of you! But I know you want to help me
  • The funeral will be very cheap, as only a few people will go.
  • I don't know, he hasn't left it to me! (Everybody laughs after that)
  • I'll go if there's a big lunch
  • What about his money?
  • They act as if Scrooge deserves to be robbed because he is stingy (Deformation of Values)
  • Open it Old Joe, and give me the money!
  • You did well madam, you are a clever woman and you'll make a fortune!
  • I understand, but I can't do it, I ask you to show me somebody who is sorry that this man is dead
  • It was Tiny Tim, he wasn't sleeping... he was dead
  • Tell me there is still hope! I've changed, I will celebrate Christmas with all my heart
  • Scrooge can't deny his death anymore! (Scrooge's promises and regrets) Dickens message is that anyone can change the future
  • Here lies Ebenezer Scrooge