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Updated: 2/25/2019
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  • Call to action
  • Crossing the threshold
  • First Challenge
  • One day's night in Gotham city, Joker meet and suggested to mafias that they give their half of money to him instead of he kills Batman because they are afraid of Batman who stops evil. Joker's face is painted white and it looks like a clown. In addition, he is so mysterious because his purpose is to uncover evil of human, not to get money.
  • Second challenge
  • Joker warns that he is going to kill people of the government until he is able to know who Batman is. Then, Harvey Dent who is a great public prosecutor announces that he is a Batman in front of the journalists. However, he is not. Batman is Bruce Wayne. After Joker knows Harvey is Batman, he goes to kill him.
  • Temptation
  • Batman who is Bruce goes to stop him and he corners Joker. He never kill people even if enemy is the worst criminal so Gordon caught Joker instead of Batman. However, Joker hided already Harvey and Raychel who Harvey loves, in the different places which was set the bombs.
  • Final Battle
  • Batman and Gordon go to help them respectively but Joker told them the opposite places. However, Gordon didn't able to help Raychel and Harvey was helped by Batman although his face got burned with the bomb. Harvey became the Twoface.
  • Then, Joker escapes from the prison cleverly and went to see Harvey in the hospital. Harvey hated Gordon because he couldn’t help Raychel so Joker temptates him to kill Gordon. By he kills Gordon, Joker can feel good because he wants to see the bad points of people.
  • Harvey who were tempted by Joker kidnaps Gordon’s family. Then, Gordon and Batman goes to the place where Harvey and Gordon’s family are in. Finally, Batman fights against Harvey. Harvey was an admiration for Batman but Harvey falls from the building and he died.
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