Do's for school and online learning
Updated: 5/18/2020
Do's for school and online learning

Storyboard Text

  • In class
  • hallway
  • outside
  • raise hands, respect others, work quietly, work hard, keep classroom clean, use device smartly.
  • online learning
  • Keep phone in your locker, don't push each other, walk in the right, don't shout or run in the hallway, don't walk in groups.
  • online learning (exericses)
  • cafeteria open for lunch. go outside for fresh air, don't go in elementary playground, play safe.
  • computer use
  • attend class on time every session, be in comfortable clothes but not pajamas, turn on video and mute when attending meetings. sit on chair, don't ly down on bed.
  • english, math, science, social studies
  • stand up and move every 30 minutes. Exercise everyday to keep healthy. exercise quietly to not bother other people,
  • Focus on works, turn in assignments on time, attend all online meeting, partiipate in class discussion, work independently and in groups