Wall Way Out
Updated: 4/7/2021
Wall Way Out

Storyboard Description

Great, now we're all stuck in this maze, dead end after dead end. How will we find our way out?? UGGGHHHH

Storyboard Text

  • Where are we, mommy? What is this?
  • .....I don't know. Come on, maybe Fang and Dancer are nearby.
  • Aha! Hello, Fang. Have you seen Dancer?
  • Dancer! Dancer! Hi, Auntie Fang!
  • Is that Dancer?
  • No, that's....Midnight! Hello!
  • Hello, Frost! Wait. What the-
  • No comment.
  • ......and then, you found us. Also, Yuki, why do you have two pups with you?
  • Funny.
  • My, my...pups? Already? Gee, they sure work fast in the glowing maze. Who's the lucky father?