science work
Updated: 12/18/2020
science work

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  • One book represent one electron, when the outer energy shell gets full of electron(8 electron), it don't need any electron, and you can say it's happy.
  • Each person desires 8 books(full) in their new bookshelf.
  • Nitrogen and Boron combined, for making the outer energy shell to be full.
  • Hello, i'm Nitrogen. I fell fine with my book-shelf, but, also, i don't have a full bookshelf.
  • Lets share our books!
  • Nitrogen lost 5 electron, then Boron gained 5 electron and both of them have a full outer shell.
  • I got five books, so i was thinking may be now i can get a full bookshelf.
  • Hi, i'm Boron. I'm completely pissed-off-i only got three books in my bookshelf.
  • Which means there're lots of empty spaces in the shelf.
  • With nitrogen, boron f-oms Boron Nitride BN
  • Yeah!!!We are all happy now since we all have a whole bookshelf.
  • How can we judge a ion if it's negative or positive?gain=negativeloss=positiveElectron is negatively, therefore once losing one electron, makes the ion positive.
  • Nitrogen: I can give all my books to you then you can have a full bookshelf.Boron: Then after you give away your empty bookshelf, you can have the old one which holds 8 books.
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