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Cellular Respiration
Updated: 10/15/2020
Cellular Respiration
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  • Blah blah blah.. cellular respiration
  • How funny
  • Did I hear you two speaking about cellular respiration ?
  • Cellular respiration produces 6 moles of carbon dioxides, 6 water moles., and energy
  • Well, cellular respiration allows us to take glucose and turn it into energy
  • What do you guys know??
  • Gycolysis is the breaking up of glucose to pyretic acids. This occurs in the cytoplasm
  • The by-products of gycolysis are then entered into the Krebs cycle which requires oxygen
  • The what is glycolysis and where does it happen?
  • During gyolysis and Krebs cycle we are taking NAD+ and we add hydrogen to make NADH which drives our next stage called Electron Transport Cycle
  • NADH fron NAD+ bring electrons to the electron transport chain which creates hydrogen ions in the inner membrane of the mitochondria
  • What's next?
  • I was just getting there ATP synthase uses energy to complete the phosphorylation of ADP to ATP
  • ADP is formed when phosphate from ATP Is lost
  • Wait! You forgot ATP Synthase
  • Yeah no problem. But do yourself a favor and pay attention in biology next time
  • Thanks for teaching me about cellular respiration little flee
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