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Updated: 5/1/2020
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how it all hapened

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  • so u hear bout the fight last night at the party.??What happened??
  • what a nice day.
  • F**k you
  • (honk,honk)OMG,Hurry up ama be late i got a meeting soon!!!
  • It was lit.They started swinging at each other u should've stayed.
  • Good thing u left cuz the cops came.Neighbour reported us being to loud!!
  • I love you
  • Bye Mom I love u2!!
  • April
  • Well am sorry you ummm..... have no chance of living withing 24hr.
  • Sir,we are so sorry but you have a virus and ......
  • Frreeeddoooommmeeee!!!!!freeedooomme!!!!!
  • Homey,did we just hear that!!??
  • OMG!!!??
  • Its called Coronavirus/COVID-19
  • OMG!!??Yaass homegril
  • we have been doing research and testing on that virus.
  • It's very dangerous and contagious
  • The virus is from...CHINA!!!!???Just like EVERYTHING else!!!
  • We need to tell the government.Then we will figure our way thru on what we are going to do.
  • wyd? nun chilling eating cleaning
  • Things that start to increase.Whereter emotionally,physically or even digitonaly.
  • April
  • Achoo! *cough*
  • 2)Move bit*h,you got coronavirus Oh sh*t, you got coronavirusWe ain't finna do sh*t withthis coronavirus
  • 1)Ayy man, ayy-ayy-ayy, look, manBack up, man
  • 4)So if you got that CV, they gon' find you If you coughin', I ain't tryna be around you I ain't even tryna stand beside or behind you I'ma try and help them motherfuke*s find you
  • Schmoney timmmeee!!!
  • 0-1yr. 15-18yr. 20-40yr. 50-90yr.
  • 3)I'ma chill at the crib 'cause I'm safe here I ain't even 'bout to drink me a Corona beer I'm 'bout to stay at the crib for about a year
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