Unknown Story
Updated: 1/12/2020
Unknown Story
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  • OOHH NOOO! We will diee.
  • Don't worry my friends. I hope nothing will be happen.
  • OH MY GOD. Rain is accelerating.
  • Don't worry my friends.we should not be afraid and think logically.
  • There's no one here. What are we gonna do? How do we get out?
  • I told you. This holiday was a bad idea.
  • Everyone should do a job. If we work planned, we can surviveI'il get some wood to burn. The weather can be cold at night.
  • You're right, david. I'm gonna collect some coconut.
  • Everyone should do a job. If we work planned, we can survive.
  • David Martha and Jack had planned a nice holiday by ship. They want to go to London. They would meet with their friends. They prepared their bags and they left.
  • Can they finnd us?
  • I hope my friends. I hope.
  • I don't know how many days have passed.
  • At a time they never planned, rain was started. Their ship had sunk. Finally, they found themselves on an island.
  • David, light the torch. There's something on the horizon. Shout my friends, they can find us. Shout.
  • DAvid was even-tempered.David encouraged everyone with his knowledge. Everyone was doing something to survive.They believed that if they were together, they could do anything.
  • Thank you so much.
  • You saved our lives, sir. We are grateful.
  • I saw on the news that you were missing. You're lucky my son saw the smoke. So we could find you.
  • They managed to survive by working together. Ever since their ship sank, they had hoped for someone to save themselves but they were afraid of dying.
  • Jack had seen something similar to the boat. He immediately called out to his friends and they all started shouting. David lit a torch. He hoped to see the smoke.
  • A group of fishermen had seen the smoke and heard their voices. They were all very happy and finally they escaped with the power of being together. Then they continued their holidays.
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