Dell laptops exploded (2006) Lithium batteries
Updated: 4/7/2021
Dell laptops exploded (2006) Lithium batteries

Storyboard Text

  • What caused the Dell laptops (lithium batteries) to explode, can this be avoided or improved?
  • In June, a Dell notebook burst into flames during a conference in a hotel in Osaka, Japan.
  • The battery produced by Sony that Dell recalled was caused by the mixing of tiny metal particles in the production process, which caused the battery to overheat or short-circuit after contact with the computer charging system, resulting in sparks. A thermal reaction was caused, and an explosion occurred.
  • Sony ignores quality due to cost control. The electronics industry does not have a mature inspection system as traditional craftsmanship. Competition has also led to manufacturers to reduce costs, and technical accidents are inevitable.
  • What can control the "thermal runaway"?
  • The inherent safety method is the ultimate solution to the problem of thermal runaway
  • Development of safe electrolyte with thermal stability