The Eternal Triangle
Updated: 6/21/2020
The Eternal Triangle
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In the eternal triangle of, what we call as 'Life'. There's this 'Tragedy!' A tragedy that starts with the most priceless gift of birth! Which then resumes for sometime(limited trip)...takes us into the golden years of youth! But each day we spend involved in this lifetime...unaware that death is watching and each second inching closer to us. Finally, we age and realize the inevitable outcome of 'Death'. It's done, it's decided, couldn't do anything about it! Until the next birth... When would I ever stop and wonder, "Who am I?' *It's the never ending story of man(just a metaphor), spending several lifetimes caught in the vicious circle of life and death. There's no tragedy that narrates any suffering greater than that!

Storyboard Text

  • The Gift of Birth!
  • The Joy of Youth!
  • The Inevitable Death!
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