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Into The Wild
Updated: 12/14/2018
Into The Wild
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  • Westerberg talks about Chris
  • You could tell right away Alex was intelligent
  • Chris gets a ride to the frontier
  • "No, thanks anyway,", "I'll be fine with what I've got."
  • Chris fills out W-4 Form
  • My address is none of your damn business
  • Chris was an intelligent person, you could notice this before meeting him. His received a lot of criticism and was thought to be just plain stupid, but he put in a lot of thought and had deep reasons for his departure. 
  • Chris embarks on his journey
  • Hey Guys! This is the last communication you shall receive from me. I now walk out to live amongst the wild. Take care, it was great knowing you. ALEXANDER
  • Chris declines westerbergs offer of a full ride to anchorage, food, and gear. This shows chris to be very arrogant, and he goes out on his journey super unprepared. Westerberg told him many times it wasn't a good idea, but chris didn't listen. 
  • They will think they have bought my respect
  • When chris first worked for Westerberg in 1990, he filled out his form with no real information. He put exempt for everything and put his name down as "Fucyu". Chris was always secretive about his real life, and never really revealed much about himself.
  • Chris finds peace
  • I don't want to know what time it is. I don't want to know what day it is or where I am. None of that matters.
  • This is the final leg of his trip, and he has transformed completely into a solitary person, ready to leave the world behind forever. He didn't say his final goodbyes in person. His language could show resolve, or he just wasn't brave enough to say his goodbyes in person.
  • Chris explains to his sister carrine that his dad tries to buy him stuff to try to make chris like or respect him. Chris hates the mentality of his rich father. Chris didn't see eye to eye with him on a philosophical level or with his values.
  • Chris wanted to be completely by himself in the wilderness. He loved being isolated and very far away from society's restrictions and norms. He finally found peace in the wild, he doesn't need to care about the time or where he is, he's free. 
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