how the Volcano was made
Updated: 3/23/2020
how the Volcano was made

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  • tricks
  • payback
  • the dark cave
  • Since Cane was playing tricks on Hades, Hades and his dragon broke into Canes house to see what he was planning but then Cane came back so they had to leave
  • the second chance
  • if you want you can stay for ten years
  • Cane found out that it was Hades who broke into his house so he went down to Hades house and started breaking everything.
  • workout
  • Cane got locked in a cave by hades and could not escape because there was a fire breathing dragon sitting outside the cave
  • the day of the fight
  • Cane kept on bugging Hades for a second chance so hades gave him 2 options the first one was to stay in the cave for another ten years and the second one was to fight the three headed dragon and if he wins he can leave.
  • Cane started getting ready for the fight with the dragon so he started eating more food and do some fitness
  • In the morning cane woke up and got let out of the cave he picked up a bone and stared stabbing the dragon in the eye so it was blind and then threw the dragons heads up and made a dent in the roof but the dragon was fire breathing so fire came out of the top and that is how volcanoes were made.