Forces acting on a skydiver
Updated: 2/7/2020
Forces acting on a skydiver

Storyboard Text

  • As soon as I jump out of the plane, I start accelerating down because my weight is much greater than air resistance, but after I reach my terminal velocity, I stop accelerating and start moving at a constant speed so the forces on either side of me become balanced.
  • Hi, I am a skydiver. I'm here to tell you about the science behind skydiving.
  • I open my parachute and because my parachute has such a large surface area, air resistance is now greater than my weight.
  • After a while, my weight increases and the forces balance out again.
  • Almost there...
  • As soon as I havelanded, the ground also exerts a force upwards so I don't fall over.
  • Thank you for coming on this adventure with me and I hope you've learnt about the forces acting on a skydiver!