Thomas Jenner and the discovering of Vaccines
Updated: 11/26/2019
Thomas Jenner and the discovering of Vaccines

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  • This is Thomas Jenner. As a child, he loved science. Everyday he would go down to the river banks and look for fossils.
  • That is an interesting fossil!
  • At the age of 21, Jenner began training as a doctor. 2 years later Edward started practising to be a physician in his hometown in Berkeley, Gloucestershire.
  • You are now officially a doctor of Berkeley Health!
  • Everyone was scared of this horrible disease called smallpox. Country people believed that if anyone caught the mild disease cowpox from cows, they wouldn't get the more serious disease smallpox.
  • Jenner decided to carry out an experiment to see if the country people's belief was true. He got a sample from someone with cowpox and someone with smallpox. Then he got a boy (that his mother allowed) to test on.
  • He rubbed some cowpox on the boys hand and he of course got sick, but a few days later, the boy returned fully recovered and healthy. He then rubbed some smallpox on the boy and he did not get sick! All he got was a scab.
  • The Latin name for cow is 'Vacca' and since it was Jenner's discovery, he chose to call it Vaccinations as cows have just cured a deadly disease
  • You hoomans so disrespectful of us cows. We give you meat and milk and you don even say tanku!
  • Plus you now youse ower name for vaccination!
  • Jenner then vaccinated all the local children with cowpox to prevent them getting the more dangerous smallpox disease.