George Washington
Updated: 3/18/2021
George Washington

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  • Hey everybody! I am George Washington. I am here to tell you how I was important in the American Revolution and more about my life.
  • I grew up in Colonial Virginia. When I was 11 years old, my father died. He was a landowner and a planter. Thankfully, my older brother Lawrence took care of me and made sure I was educated. I was really good in reading and math. When I was 16, I was a surveyor, where I took measurements of new land, mapping them out in detail. A few years later, I became the leader of the Virginia MIita and was apart of the French and Indian War. I almost died when my horse was shot under me! Oh, the good days.
  • After the French and Indian War settled down, I married a widow named Martha Dandridge Curtis. I took over the estate of Mount Vernon after my brother sadly died and I raised kids from Martha's former marriage. We never had kids of our own. I later became a large landowner and was elected to the Virginian Legislature. Later on, me and more landowners were frustrated with the unfair treatment the British gave us. We began to fight and argue for our rights, and before we knew it, we were at war. The Revolutionary War!
  • I was one of the Virginia Delegates at the First and Second Continental Congress, a group of representatives from each colony that decided to join the fight. In May of 1775, I was appointed to be general of the Continental Army. They called me General Washington, probably the greatest code name ever! I did not have an easy job. I had a ragtag team of colonial farmers ready to dominate trained British soldiers. I led my team through tough times and losing battles. But through the course of 6 years, I led my army to a victory over the British. Our victories were famous, like the crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas, or the time the British surrendered, like the wimps they are, in Yorktown. That was our final battle, and let me tell you it was so cool!
  • When I served as president for 2 terms, they were very peaceful times. During those times, I made new traditions and roles of the President of the United States that still stand to this day. I helped build and guide the formation of the actual US government from the words of the Constitution. I even formed the first presidential cabinet which included my friends Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. After 8 years of being president, I stepped down because I thought the president should not have too much power or rule too long.
  • Whoa! It is getting dark outside. I'm going to go inside. See you guys next time. Bye!