developmental science

Updated: 9/10/2020
developmental science

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are smartphones really destroying the adolescent brain?

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  • due to discontinuity and plasticity the big societal technology change it made the teens adapt to the new way of life. “Any experience that people have during the time when the brain is malleable has the potential to affect it,” Steinberg says. Kids’ brains are affected by all kinds of factors, including parents, friends and school. “Smartphones are not going to have some special significance. That said, the things people spend more time doing have a greater effect on their brains.”
  • it is very normal for parents to think that. Just look at what author Steinberg had to say about it in " Age of Opportunity, a 2014 book focused on adolescents’ great capacity for change. in response to parents statements saysing, "This is killing our kids." Steinberg replies, “They said it about dime-store novels and rock and roll and computers. Young people around the world have survived all these things, and I’m sure they’ll survive smartphones.”
  • today my mom kept going back and forth about how my smartphone is damaging my brain and not letting me use my ability to physically interact with people.
  • due to discontinuity we teens had to face these big societal changes and deal with plasticity to better adapt to these new electronic advances. Now you know the next time your mom says that smartphones are damaging our brains tell her what author Steinberg wrote.