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Science Comic Book. Heat Energy
Updated: 6/18/2020
Science Comic Book. Heat Energy
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  • Why am I so hot?
  • Your hot because you are wearing a black shirt. You see this fire is crating radiation energy. Radiation energy comes in waves and effects all states of matter. You are hot because you are wearing that black shrit and black objects obsorb the radiant energy that is why you are hot. Also this energy is super effective. You should have worn a white shirt like me because white objects repel the radiation waves.
  • That hot air balloon works with of a type of heat energy called convection. This type of heat energy works on fluids witch are liquids and gassas so basiacly anything that flows. It uses a system called convection currents. This system works by their being a hot object at the bottom of the container and the heat heats the particles up so they go to the roof of the container. then once they get to the top they become hot again so they fall bck down .
  • Oww I just burned myself how is my pan so hot?
  • You burnt your hand because a prosses called heat conduction happened. This occurs when the particles in a solid colide. Throught the coliding particles heat spreads. And since the metal is a heat conductor the heat spread fast. You should have put some plasic on top because plasic is a heat insulator witch means it heats up slowly.
  • Do You See That Hot Air Balloon? How Does It Work?
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