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Updated: 10/13/2020
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  • You're not a animal cell! But, you have some of the same organelles as me. What are you?
  • I'm a eukaryotic cell just like you, I am just a plant cell.
  • Well, what's the difference between us?
  • Well... Animal cells are generally smaller than plant cells with their cells ranging from 10 um-30 um in length while, plant cells are larger than animal cells with the cell size ranging from 10 um-100 um in length. Animal cells have lysosomes, that contain digestive enzymes to break down cellular macromolecules and plant cells rarely contain lysosomes as the plant vacuole and the Golgi bodies handle molecule degradation of waste cellular products. Animal cells also have smaller vacuoles, plant cells have a large central vacuole that can occupy up to 90% of the cell’s volume. Just to name a few
  • Uh... that's a lot.
  • It is, but we also have a lot in common, which is why we are both eukaryotic cells.
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