The Knight’s Tale

Updated: 5/21/2020
The Knight’s Tale

Storyboard Text

  • Two knights are trapped in a prison by Theseus, Duke of Athens
  • Arcite has a friend...
  • She’s mine, scum!
  • No she’s mine. Fur est!
  • Theseus the duke has made a decision...
  • The knights were Palamon and Arcite. While in the tower they see a beautiful maid Emelie and both knights fall in love with her.
  • That night, they pray...
  • Arcite is the released by a friend. He’s joyous and leaves Palamon. But later, when Palamon is finally released, he comes across Arcite who has come back for Emelie. They both love her, but there can only be one.
  • The battle has come...
  • Theseus describes that they should fight to win Emelie’s affection. This way whoever’s worthy shall win the made.
  • The victor has arisen...
  • That night, they all pray to their asserted Gods. Palamon to the love god, Venus, Emelie to Diana, the god of womanhood and maidenship and Arcite to the god of war, Mars.
  • Palamon and Arcite start their duel over Emelie. The fight and fight against one another. Suddenly, just as Arcite was about to win, the king of the gods, Jupiter, shook the Earth making Arcite fall off his horse which he then landed on his chest, crushing it and his ribs underneath.
  • As Arcite was dying, he confessed Palamon to be a man of good qualities. Both Palamon and Emelie mourned for the loss of their friend, eventually becoming friends themselves, marrying and living a happy life together.