Unknown Story

Updated: 7/30/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • The soup is good, but i think it's time for bed.
  • Yes sir master
  • It's time to rest in peace master.
  • the body is underneath the bed officers.
  • The old man is telling the narrator that he's tired and ready for bed. The narrator is agreeing and takes him to bed.
  • Fortunato do you want to see my wine cellar.
  • yes, I need a drink anyways.
  • The narrator is suffocating the old man with a pillow. The narrator is saying rest in peace.
  • Toast to your last lasting life.
  • A toast to your dead family member, ha ha
  • The narrator is confessing to the murder of the old man. The narrator thinks the officers are mocking him.
  • no one insults my family
  • wait what?
  • Montresor is asking Fortunato if he wants a drink of wine in the cellar. Fortunato said yes
  • Fortunato made a insults to Montresor's dead family members. Montresor made a toast to Fortunato's long lasting life.
  • Montresor was insulted and chained up Fortunato to the wall. Montresor is putting bricks together to seal off the entrance.