English Class Myth
Updated: 12/2/2020
English Class Myth

Storyboard Description

yay it is good

Storyboard Text

  • A Wizard and a Warrior arrive at an old stronghold in search for a magical jewel that had been told as legend throughout their village since they were children.
  • After entering the castle stronghold, they discover a slain beast. Someone had obviously beaten them there.
  • The wizard and warrior fight off all the monsters and opponents that beat them into the stronghold. A deep rumble sounds from the end of the tunnel. The warrior runs off towards the sound, leaving the wizard alone.
  • The warrior spots the jewel guarded by a giant dragon. However, he doesn't think and rushes to grab the jewel. Ultimately, he is slain by the dragon.
  • The wizard defeats the dragon, claims the jewel and retrieves the body of the warrior. He takes him out of the stronghold, through the haunted forest towards the graveyard.
  • The wizard buries him in the graveyard. Unfortunately, the wizard now has the power to save his village and become king. But the warrior, due to his arrogance, wasn't their to share their successes.
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