Updated: 2/4/2021

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  • Mexico Gains Land
  • Finally!!! a nice place to live in.
  • I know right?!?
  • Rejected
  • NO!!!
  • can i-
  • The Offer
  • That's a done deal
  • These areas were first colonized by Spain but became Mexican territories when Mexico won its independence in 1821.
  • Getting their Land back
  • Did you see the newspaper?
  • He sent a representative to Mexico to try to buy the territories, but Mexican officials refused even to see Polk's representative.
  • WAR
  • yeah, they launched war. crazy isn't it?
  • A few years later, the United States acquired still more land from Mexico. In 1853, James Gadsden arranged the purchase of a strip of land just south of the Mexican Cession for $10 million.
  • The First Strike
  • They said New Mexico and California together were “not worth a dollar” and should be returned to Mexico.
  • Give Mexico their Land back!!!
  • ok ok..
  • Two days after Polk's speech, Congress declared war on Mexico, starting the Mexican-American War.
  • On April 25, 1846, Mexican soldiers fired on U.S. troops who were patrolling along the Rio Grande. Sixteen Americans were killed or wounded.