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SPICESS storyboard.
Updated: 2/18/2020
SPICESS storyboard.
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  • S
  • C
  • SPACE is how spcaes are organised (location, spatial distribution and organisation). for example- each place for a camping spot (location) has toilets, a block for the car/tent and a place to cook food. These are at nearly every caravan/ camp park, this is spatial distribution, repeated patterns.
  • E
  • P
  • A PLACE is on earth which has meaning to people. I love the soccer field as my place because I really love playing soccer.
  • I
  • SS
  • INTERCONNECTION refers to the ways in which all things, events and processes on Earth are connected. No place/thing on earth lives in isolation. For example, the water cycle are series of events that keep ongoing and going. Another is human processes (such as migration). They both ensure that everything on Earth is linked and connected in different ways.
  • CHANGE refers to dynamic nature of all things (living and non-living). The earth is constantly changing. For example, a playground is fast change because they cut down all the natural plants and it's easily noticed. A glacier is slow change because it takes a long time to melt.
  • ENVIRONMENT is divided into two main areas, natural and human, a desert is an example of natural environment and a city is an example of human. The desert is natural because it isn't manmade, The sand and trees grow with the life of nature. The city on the other hand, is human because it was manmade. The buildings were built from construction workers.
  • SUSTAINABILITY can be achieved by saving water at home. use the half flush in the toilet! the world's issues such as how much water we can be described as SCALE; small scale is each home, state scale is the whole area in a state, and national is the Federal government who will guide people.
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