Unknown Story
Updated: 5/9/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • SCENE 1
  • It was a long week writing final exams! I can't wait to rest this weekend. I will call you on Sunday. Khudafiz!
  • I hope I did well on my Science and Mathematics exams. Khudafiz!
  • SCENE 2
  • Smoke with us!
  • It looks soo cool! Try it!!
  • SCENE 3
  • No, thank you guys! Smoking is very harmful.
  • OH!
  • It is a warm sunny day and I am waiting outside the school building for my mom to pick me up.
  • SCENE 4
  • Salaam my sweetheart! How was your day at school?
  • Then, two of my friends come up to me & offer me a cigarette. They want me to smoke with them so that I look as cool as them!
  • SCENE 5
  • Salaam Mom! My friends offered me a cigarette. I am disappointed to find out they smoke.
  • I tell my two friends that smoking is not cool, and actually very harmful to the human body. I also tell them it is something my mom would not allow me to do and that it is against the law for kids to smoke.
  • SCENE 6
  • I am very proud of you! You made the right choice by refusing.
  • My mom's car arrives and I enter the car with a sad heart because now I know my two friends smoke. My mom greets me with a Salaam.
  • I greet her back with a Salaam and a smile. I tell my mom about my friends offering me a cigarette to smoke. I add that I refused the cigarette and that I am sad they smoke.
  • My mom says she is very proud of me and that I made the right choice. That cheers me up and fills my heart with pride.