Zain Khans Buddhism storyboard
Updated: 1/11/2020
Zain Khans Buddhism storyboard
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  • How and where did Buddism begin, and how is Buddhism conected to Hindism?
  • What does Buddhism teach?
  • How and where did Buddhism spread?
  • It is time to move.
  • Buddism started in India, Siddartha Gutama, The Buddah was covinced that he had to become a hold man in India learing abouth thing. In India Then Siddartha Gutama diccides that he had to learn how to be a good holy man so he teaches himself the 4 nobble truths 1) Life is suffering 2) Suffering comes from wants and desires 3) Eliminate wants to attain Nirvana (enlightenment )4) Follow the "Eight-fold Path" and then came the 8 fold path 1) Right View2) Right Intentions3) Right Speech4) Right Actions5) Right Livelyhood6) Right Effort7) Right Mindfulness8) Right Concentration. The noble Hindi leader Brahma, told The buddah to teach more people, to have good karma, Dharma, so people did that they need good kharma, or Dharma, so thats what Buddah did.
  • Gautama had tried to learn from holy men about, spritual guidance, so he had almost starved himself to death, by avoiding concerns or comfort, until at one point Gautama was offered rice from a little girl, Gautama took the rice and then realized he had to ballance this felling, and Gautama called the The Middle Way, the way to be ballanced, from this Gautama reached Nirvana, the acevement of reching his aim, so Gautama became, Siddhartha Gutama, The Buddha. Buddism teaches a right ballance.
  • Buddhism spread throughout, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea from Merchants traviling along the silk road, and also Missionaries and Monks who wanted to spread Buddhism, and now Buddism is a religion lithe milions of perople acros the globe.
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