Writing 105
Updated: 12/10/2019
Writing 105
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  • Haha, someone is excited! Let's get on the road than buddy.
  • Finally! Let's go Dad we can't be late for the Yankee Game!
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Exit 3A
  • Calm down buddy, We're almost there just 2 more minutes
  • Haha, you betcha kiddo, That's Derek Jeter.
  • When I was a young boy, my dad took me to a Yankee game for the first time. Every night I watched the Yankees play at 7 p.m. on the YES Network. I was stoked to finally see them live in action.
  • Ahaha, my boy is finally learning! He puts in a lot of time and hard work bud!
  • Wow! his pregame routine is sick! how does he make all those plays?!
  • I was very eager and very timid, as a young boy the Yankee players were my role models. I was pressing to get to the game, to see my favorite player in action, Derek Jeter!
  • I bet that if you put in the time, You'll be a hell of a player when you are older.
  • I'm going to work extremely hard to be like him... i am going to make it one day!
  • At last we had arrived, and the pregame warmups were still going. As soon as i laid eyes on the field, i saw him. The captain, Mr. October, Derek Jeter was right in front of my eyes. Everything he did was exactly what i imagined, I WAS AMAZED!
  • I'm going to train so hard Dad... I promise! I'm going to be like Jeter one day!
  • Backhand picks, front hand scoops, over the shoulder pop-up catches. He was extraordinary to see as a kid just learning the game. Watching him was mind-boggling and my father had thought so too despite all these years he had been watching baseball before Derek Jeter. He was truly the reason I had fell in love with the game.
  • From that day on, Yankee Stadium circa 2008 to present, I had vowed to craft my game around Derek Jeter. A true sportsman and one of the greatest of all time, he was the reason i had fallen in love with baseball over and over and over again.
  • My Dad had gone out of his way to get me a trainer from since i could pick up a bat till now. It paid off, as had been regarded as one of the top players in my area until i had left high school. With D3 offers from a variety of colleges, i decided to chose education first and went to the school of my choice, Montclair State University, but i will never forget the impact Jeter had on my life.
  • I believe in you buddy! You can do anything you put your mind to.
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