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Updated: 9/21/2018
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  • Beowulf: The Quick Comic Version
  • Once upon a time, in a kingdom named Herot, there lived a king named Hrothgar who had a new meeadhall.
  • Fun party!
  • The parties in the meadhall were so loud that a monster named Grendel couldn't handle the noise,so he slaughted the king's men for 12 winters.
  • My men!
  • Across the sea, a great man named Beowulf heard of Hrothgar's situation, so he decided to come to Herot and purge it of it's evil. It's known that Grendel doesn't use weapons, so Beowulf defeated with barehanded by ripping of his arm and hanging it in the meadhall.
  • Be gone beast!
  • After Beowulf killed Grendel, he had to defeat his mother who wanted to avenge her son's death. His mother was harder to defeat as she could not be killed with ordinary weapons, only with a magical dagger.
  • For Herot!
  • 50 years after defeating the two monsters, Beowulf became king and ruled peacefully until someone disturbed a dragon, who started terrorizing the land. During he fight, the dragon melted Beowulf's shield and fatally wounded him before Beowulf killed the dragon.
  • Lead my people Wiglaf, my loyal warrior.
  • For my lord, I shall bring this gold to them.
  • As Beowulf was dying, he told his only loyal soldier, Wiglaf who didn't run away when Beowulf was in need, to give the dragon's gold to his people and to lead his people. The geats then built a tower in memorial of Beowulf.
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