Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 2/24/2019
Romeo and Juliet
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  • Hey, you busy? Do you want me to help you with anything?
  • No, mom we already got my outfit ready for the wedding tomorrow. Not to be rude, but i wanna be left alone. The nurse can stay with you, i know your hands full with planning and stuff.
  • They want the dates and the quinces in the kitchen.
  • Good Night, get some sleep. I know you need it. .
  • Lady Capulet exits
  • Bye mother, only God himself knows when i’ll be able to see you again. I kinda have cold feet and its chilling my whole body. Maybe i’ll call someone to give me some comfort
  • Yes, you’ve been a ladies’ man all your life, But this time im making sure you don’t stay up any later than it already is.
  • NURSE! Goodness, what is she doing. In my desperate situation, i guess i have to be alone. Here’s the deal, what if this potion doesn’t even work? Will i still have to marry him? Maybe this knife will end it all. Lie down right here. ( She lays down the knife). What if the potion Lawrence have me kills me? Is he worried his reputation for marrying me to Paris after he done already married me to Romeo? Im scared, i think its potion is poison. But then again, it shouldn’t be poison cuz he is a trustworthy and holy man. What if when im put in the coffin, i wake up before Romeo comes to get me? Ouh thats scary. Oh my gosh, what if i suffocate? Ain’t no fresh air in there. Am i gonna suffocate and die before Romeo comes to save me? Or, if i can live, is death and darkness gonna surround me? That’s a bad jawn. It’s gonna be old bones and Tybalt’s freshly buried body all in there. Eww his body gonna be all rotting. I heard there’s night spirits in there. Oh noooo. When i wake up its gonna be al stank and people spirits gonna be all screaming. Thats gonna drive me crazy!!! If i wake up too early i won’t go crazy with all this scary stuff around me, start messing around with my ancestor’s bones and pull Tybalt’s corpse, out of his death? Will i grab one of my ancestor’s bones and beat myself in the head? Look, i think i see Tybalt’s ghost. I think hes looking for Romeo because Romeo stabbed him. Hold up, Tybalt, waittt! Romeo. Romeo. Romeo! Here’s to you.
  • Here, take my keys and get some more seasonings. Nurse.
  • Capulet enters
  • Yo! Wake up. Get up, now! The clock went off, its 3 o’clock. Go get that cooked meat, Angelica. Don’t worry about the cost.
  • No, not at all, whatsoever. This not my first time staying up all night. In fact, the reasons i was up was way less important that this, and i never got sick.
  • Go to bed, you old housewife. You gonna be sick cuz you decided it was smart to stay up all night.
  • Lady Capulet and Nurse exit.
  • What’s that? What yall got?
  • Wow. She a hater.
  • Three or four Servingmen enter with spits, logs, and baskets
  • This is the stuff for the chefs, but ion know what it is.
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