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Lather and Nothing Else - Zander Buchan
Updated: 9/24/2018
Lather and Nothing Else - Zander Buchan
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  • Lather and Nothing Else takes place inside of a barber shop that is located in a Latin American country. The characters are the barber himself who is secretly a revolutionary, and his enemies leader, Captain Torres. They first meet at the barbershop where Captain Torres walks in and is looking for a shave.
  • The conflict in this story is when the barber is deciding if he should kill his enemy, Captain Torres. He is battling against himself by thinking of what the many possible outcomes could be and what will happen if he does or does not kill him. 
  • The rising action is when the barber thinks of killing Captain Torres because of what he has done to his soldiers. He knows he shouldn't let his side down but again thinks of what could happen to him, or what could even happen to my family if he kills Captain Torres.
  • WAR
  • "I can't do it. By doing that I would be risking to many things happening to himself and the people I loves."
  • The climax is when the barber finally decides that he is not going to kill Captain Torres because of everything that could of happen if he did. 
  • The falling action comes in when Captain Torres leaves the barbershop after the barber gave him a shave. He pays and then leaves the same way he came all except with a new/fresh shave.
  • "They told me you would kill me. I came to find out if it was true. But it's not easy to kill. I know what i'm talking about."
  • The resolution was when Captain Torres left and said one thing back to the barber.
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