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The Sniper - Zander Buchan
Updated: 9/24/2018
The Sniper - Zander Buchan
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  • The setting of The Sniper takes place in Dublin, Ireland during the time of the Irish Civil war. It is a dim night and the Sniper who is a republican, is on a roof top. He experiences many near death tragedies and suspense when fighting against another sniper and keeping himself alive.
  • The conflict of the story is The Sniper vs. Himself. The Sniper has to battle within himself and think where the other sniper is. He needs to do it in a way that does not give up is up his position to others. But also that needs to take out cornering enemies.
  • The scenes that make up the rising action are the different encounters of the Sniper and his enemies. At first he gets shot at from another sniper, but it missed. He then hears a tank go by.
  •  He gets an opportunity to take out the soldier in it and he does. After that he then gets shot in the arm by the other sniper. He bandages it up and now has to think of a way he can take out his enemy.
  • The Sniper only had a revolver at this time and only able to use one arm. The climax was when he finally shot and killed his enemy. After going through everything he did, he was still able to come through and accomplish what he needed to do.
  • The falling action was when after he killed his enemy, his enemy fell. He felt curious and wanted to go see who his enemy actually was.
  • The resolution is when the Sniper goes and checks who he killed. He gets to where the body is and recognizes who it is. It was his brother.
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