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Medieval Comic Strip
Updated: 3/26/2020
Medieval Comic Strip
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  • At the age of 7, noble children would be given to lords to start knight training and become a page.
  • Goodbye son
  • I'm off to become a knight
  • They practiced courtly manners, waited on their hosts, learnt military strategies, and practiced with wooden swords.
  • Give me your cup so I can refill it
  • No, say "Would you like a refill?"
  • They would be promoted to squire at the age of 14, becoming a helper to their knight.
  • You are now a squire, and as such, you are my helper
  • Yes sir
  • Then you better HOOF it
  • Your Horse has been tended to sir
  • Now, they had to serve their knight by cleaning his knight's weapons and armor, as well as learning the code of chivalry.
  • Thank you squire, now bring me my sword, I'm late to battle
  • Please, stop jockeying around
  • At the age of 21, squires would formally become a knight under his lord.
  • It is the greatest I could have, m'lord
  • I hereby pronounce you Sir Nash of the Bennett Estate
  • I knight would fight for his lord, who, in turn, fought for his king. They would protect the estate and participate in battle when needed
  • I thought I would get to fight in battles more frequently
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