Updated: 7/30/2020

Storyboard Description

Its About 2 friends who love to prank people and teachers at their school but then they meet a girl called Leah...

Storyboard Text

  • Leah Is Angry Because her friends should be here to help her.
  • "Ugh, They should be here by now!"
  • Marco doesn't realize he is late to meet Leah at the alley to help her.
  • "Perfect Timing! finished my shift at work now i gotta go to Leah First i just gotta check the..
  • Ashley is done the Graffiti at the bathroom now she is going to meet Leah. She doesn't realize she is late like Marco
  • "Done the Graffiti now i gotta go see Leah"
  • At the Alley
  • "Your Late...😡
  • "Sorry were late!!!"
  • At the Harbour to do what Leah needs to do
  • "Now it's time"
  • "Leah are you sure your doing this for good right?"
  • "Shut Up Marco it'll be fine!"
  • Leah does the 'Thing' she needs to do
  • "Now we wait"