media assignment
Updated: 1/18/2021
media assignment

Storyboard Text

  • medium short of the head teacher introducing Abigale to the school Abigale is the character type the nerd and is wearing glasses , hair tied back and a cardigan and trousers all neutral colours her facial expression and posture are all giving the impression she is nervous to start her first day of her new school
  • long shot of Abigale accidently running intro Caroline and dropping her bagCaroline is the bully character type and is wearing all pink with a skirt and high heals which fits this character type wellher facial expression is angry and shouting at Abigale
  • medium shot of Abigale telling Liz about her day so far and what happened with CarolineAbigale has her hand in the air to show she is in a deep conversation and a worried facial expression to show she is upset about what happened earlier
  • close up of Abigale at home in her bedroom after schoolher facial expression is upset and this shows that her first day of school did not go well
  • this is a close up of Abigale leaving for school her facial expression shows she is nervous to go into school you can see her dad in the background with a puzzles look on his face as Abigale has not told him about what happened the day before
  • long shot of the class Abigale has a scared look on her face Caroline is at the back of the class laughing at her with her friend and the rest of the class have worried facial expressions