Water cycle project
Updated: 2/18/2020
Water cycle project

Storyboard Text

  • This is the northside of Fruitvale, where all the big and frosty mountains of Fruitvale stand, If you can't see that thing right there is a snowflake, right now that is water but its in solid form
  • BRRRR!its freezing up here i wonder where were going next?
  • OOOO! What a trip this was, almost as if were riding a roller coaster, compared to up in the mountains it is wayyyy warmer
  • From snow we have melted and I fell to the atmosphere being collected by soil and plants the sun than takes us up into the atmosphere we are in gas form now
  • "Pssst! Its me Alfie, you can really see me but guess this is the last time well see each other huh. what form do you think I'm in? If you guessed gas than you are correct, I reside in her pores in the form of sweat which is my one way ticket home, now i'm going to let Jr talk about our journey"
  • First we were snow than vapor now we are rain or in liquid form. we've already been through two other states, gas and solid and now we've transformed into liquid or rainfall
  • AHHH, I forgot to introduce myself, my names Alfie. But as you can see I'm going through quite a deal at the moment
  • "Alfie forgot about me, I'm Jr. I don't know much about my history but Alfie here is teaching me everything he knows."
  • "Nothing like a spa day to close out the week--Me and my buddies enjoy one on one time with each other especially mud baths. I am in the state as my previous which is liquid just in a different form."
  • "PSSSTT! Hey there, me and Jr decided to take a trip. We've been evaporated into the atmosphere and let out of the cloud which was our mode of transportation of course and of course we are once again in liquid form groundwater to be exact."
  • "Thanks Alfie, we were first snowflakes in the mountains or solid form, we then fell and were evaporated back into the atmosphere or gas form, the cloud than let us out or released us as rain