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Cell organelles
Updated: 10/5/2020
Cell organelles
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  • Good morning class, today we will be discussing the cell organelles, and which is the most important.
  • I think the most important organelle is the mitochondria. It is the powerhouse of the cell. Moreover it produces energy during the respiration process.
  • I believe that the most important organelle is the endoplasmic reticulum as it is the transportation system in cell. Furthermore, it delivers the proteins all over the cell and makes lipid.
  • I think the most essential organelle is the ribosomes. They are responsible of protein synthesis (They are the places where protein is made). In addition, this protein is vital for the cell.
  • Well, I believe that the most pivotal organelle is the golgi body. It packages the protein together. In fact, it also modifies the protein.
  • Excellent class, you have all made a very convincing argument. Additionally, you are all correct, but the most important organelle is the nucleus since it controls all the activities of the cell
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