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Updated: 4/17/2020
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  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • The protagonist is convincing himself that is not mad. His speech is disrupted and muddled and point out that he could be a murderer or an insane.He also mentioned another character who's described as an old man.
  • Climax
  • The protagonist is troubled by one of the old man's eyes, that is a pale blue eye.It makes him nervous and gradually he made up his mind to take the life of old man and rid himself of the eye for ever.
  • Falling Action
  • During seven day, the protaganist looked after the old man and watched him sleeping at night.But upon the eight night, he accidentaly made a noise by slipping his thumb and wake up the old man. But at midnight the old man get back to sleep convincing himself that it was the wind or a rat.
  • Resolution
  • The oldman reaction angered him and he killed him by putting the bed over him. Then he cut the old man body part and hide them into the flooring. He makes sure that no human being can found the corpse.
  • At 4 o'clock, three police officers come to the house because neighbors said that they heard a scream. He welcomes them and is polite to them. He has nothing to fear. They appreciate his good manners and started chatting between them.
  • But then he starts to become very pale and heard a low, dull, quick sound, that is similar to a heartbeat.He thinks that the officers are making this sound to make fun of his horrible deed, because they not seem to heard it too. But he is the only one to hear it. Finally his guilt is too strong and he confessed by screaming that he killed the old man.
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