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Zimbardo Prison Study
Updated: 10/10/2020
Zimbardo Prison Study
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  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Prisoners were 'arrested', stripped and deloused (cleaned). Guards used press-ups as punishments.
  • Day 4
  • Prisoners rebelled by barricading themselves in. Guards punished ringleaders with solitary confinement, and rewarded those who weren't responsible with washing privileges.
  • Day 5
  • Guards became more brutal and refused to let prisoners leave their cells. One prisoner had a breakdown.
  • Day 6
  • Participant who had broken down was allowed to leave.
  • Guards made prisoners clean toilets with their bare hands, and also sexually humiliated them.
  • Guards had total power and all the prisoners obeyed them. Zimbardo's visiting Psychology graduate girlfriend Christina Maslach objected to the study and convinced him to stop.
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