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A time when I stood up for someone
Updated: 3/26/2019
A time when I stood up for someone
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  • Introduction
  • Okay !
  • Hey ! Let's play a prank on ms nerdy later .
  • Problem
  • Climax
  • As usual ,during every lesson Jane and her best friend MIna so called the "big bullies "in the school are no paying attention to the teacher .This time as they have decided , they are going to prank the "ms nerdy" Sunny.
  • series of events
  • At lunch break , when Sunny is going to put her books in her locker ,Jane lift one of her foot out . Sunny is not aware of her surroundings so she tripped over Jane's leg. Mina was shocked at Jane's action. Sunny was embarrassed after tripping in front of many students.
  • Resolution
  • As Sunny was trying to stand up , Jane pushed her harshly onto the ground . At this point of time , Sunny run to bathroom.
  • Ending
  • After seeing Sunny cried , Mina thought of her actions in the past .She decided to turn over a new leaf .Mina went to the washroom to apologise to Sunny . Sunny forgive Mina .S
  • One day , after school , Mina and Sunny met Jane . Jane was not happy at the fact that Mina had became best friends with Sunny. Jane decided to push Sunny again because she thought that Sunny had snatched her friend away from her. When Jane was about to push Sunny , Mina prevented Sunny from being push by shouting at Jane .
  • From then on , MIna and Sunny became best friends
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