Active Immunity Comic
Updated: 3/9/2021
Active Immunity Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning, class. For biology today, we will be talking about active immunity!
  • Is it to protect the body, sir?
  • Does anyone know what it is, by any chance?
  • Correct! Active immunity is triggered when the body senses a disease inside the system.
  • Oooh!
  • There are also instances where when your body encounters the same pathogen a second time after recover-ing from it the first time, your body will be more immune to the disease!
  • Some examples of this instances are immunity to chickenpox, hepatitis, flu, and others.
  • I have a questions sir; is active immunity permanent?
  • Good question! It is, as long as your body is healthy enough to produce the antibodies.
  • Ohhh
  • That's why, don't forget to exercise and eat healthily to maintain good immunity!
  • Okay, sir!