John Snow

Updated: 5/13/2020
John Snow

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, Im John Snow, you may know me as a leader in the development in anaethesia and medical hygiene, also known as the hero of the blue death.I will be explaining some contributions I made today.
  • I was actually still studying to become a doctor when the outbreak abruptly came. Then decades later my contagion theory got tested and it worked! I was then able to track down where the victims lived and discovered that most of them got their water pumped at a certain location. I knew it all along that diseases were spread through personal contact and not some poisonous cloud !
  • Yes , I found a solution for treating them cholera patients, but sadly , most of them still died as the fatality of the disease is 90% , it’s very deadly. Many people suffered because of this tragic outbreak. I also warned the people about the food and drinks especially they consume and to avoid cold waters as there is where the virus hides...
  • I also found out a shocking fact that the water pumps that the people are getting from , is basically the main source where people are getting infected from the disease, I cracked the case where I can confirm to you ,chloera is a water-bourne disease!
  • I was also a british physician of the victorian period, I am also considered one of the founders of modern epidemiology for my work of identifying the outbreak. I also had to get the pump removed soon from Broad street.
  • I guess this tour has come to an end. I made a lot of contributions throughout my life and will sure make a huge impact for the next generations to come.