Updated: 9/9/2020

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Character analysis

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  • Jack
  • Jack is a viscous kid who likes to be a leader and doesn't seem like he likes the island to much. A former choirmaster and "head boy" at his school, he arrived on the island having experienced some success in exerting control over others by dominating the choir with his militaristic attitude.
  • “I ought to be chief...because I'm chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp.” (chapter 1)
  • Piggy
  • Piggy is the intellectual with poor eyesight, a weight problem, and asthma. He likes the island because there are no parents. He is the most physically vulnerable of all the boys, despite his greater intelligence.
  • "Acting like a crowd of kids!" (chapter 2)
  • Ralph
  • Ralph is the athletic leader of the boys in the novel. He likes to be a leader and does like it on the island.
  • "Jack’s in charge of the choir. They can be—what do you want them to be?" (chapter 1)