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OMM quote and theme analysis
Updated: 3/26/2019
OMM quote and theme analysis
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  • HOPE
  • "An' live off the fatta the' have rabbits."
  • "Come on in and sit down a minute."
  • ""He backed until he was against the wall, and Curley followed, slugging him in the face."
  • This quote relates to the theme of HOPE because in the story the quote was explaining the future that the guys were dreaming of having one day. This shows us that Lennie will be able to tend the rabbits on their future farm when they get it.
  • "cause im black. They playcards in there, but I cant play becase im black."
  • This quote relates to the them of friendship because this is how candy was being nice to George and Lennie when they came in for the first time. This shows us how welcoming Candy was to his new roomates.
  • "Why cant I talk to you? I never get to talk to anybody. I get awful lonely."
  • This quote relates to the theme of violence because this scene in the book is someone beating up another damaging his poor face. This shows us that Curley was punching Lennie hard for no good reason.
  • "The crash of the shot rolled up the hills and rolled down again."
  • This quote relates to the theme discrimination because they judged him and were rude to Crooks because he looked different from them. This shows us that Crooks is always being treated rudely because hes black.
  • This quote relates to the theme Loneliness because being loneliness means to have no one to turn to. This shows us that Curley's wife is very alone because she doesnt talk to to anyone since Curley bosses her around.
  • This quote relates to the theme Death because the gun that George shot at Lennie was the decision to kill Lennie for is behavior. This shows us that this scene was very impactful.
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